Exit Speed Inc. Is Taking Canada And The World By Storm

Exit Speed's Mach 1, 2 and 3 feature a durable terry cloth, pendant-shaped tail approximately three-feet in length that attaches to the bat via a metal-supported grip that slides onto the barrel of the bat. When swinging, it provides similar weight resistance as that created by a traditional donut weight during the first half of the swing, but then goes further by creating drag throughout the entire range of motion, training the batter’s full range of swing muscles. It’s a process Ellsworth has been using for a number of years. “I used it when coaching Spain’s national women’s softball team,” says Ellsworth, “and we saw an increase of 20% in swing speed.”

How Does It Work?

Traditionally, a donut weight is used for swing training, but this type of device lacks the follow through to complete the full range of motion when batting. Exit Speed rectifies this, building strength by providing resistance throughout the full range of the batter’s swing.

Ellsworth has also been sharing the Mach 3 with his professional peers. Lumberjack Sports Nick Shailes from Australia’s Men’s National Softball Team and currently ranked the number one player in the world by Fastpitch World Media, calls it “The best hitting device I have ever used.”

Get It Now!

Available in three models – Mach 1 for entry level players and youth, Mach 2 for intermediate players, and Mach 3 for professionals – Exit Speed is the result of Ellsworth’s research into new methods for improving your all-important swing.

Ellsworth highlights the fact that the device is intended for individual player purchase and use, and that it is an off-season training essential.