Minor Leauge Aaron Whitefield Teams With Lumberjack

Minnesota Twins Minor leaguer Aaron Whitefield has chosen to partner with Lumberjack sports. After an injury laden 2018, Whitefield impressed beyond belief in his return, hitting .380 in the month of August and was an integral part of his teams success in securing the Florida state league championship with his team the Fort Myers Miracle.  Whitefield spent the 2017 season with the Cedar Rapids Kernels of the class A Midwest League where he batted .262 with 11 home runs, 57 RBIs, 33 stolen bases and a .732 OPS. He began his Baseball career playing for the Brisbane Bandits in the Australian Baseball League from 2015-17, winning three consecutive championships with the club and the league MVP award in 2016....

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Exit Speed Inc. Is Taking Canada And The World By Storm

Exit Speed's Mach 1, 2 and 3 feature a durable terry cloth, pendant-shaped tail approximately three-feet in length that attaches to the bat via a metal-supported grip that slides onto the barrel of the bat. When swinging, it provides similar weight resistance as that created by a traditional donut weight during the first half of the swing, but then goes further by creating drag throughout the entire range of motion, training the batter’s full range of swing muscles. It’s a process Ellsworth has been using for a number of years. “I used it when coaching Spain’s national women’s softball team,” says Ellsworth, “and we saw an increase of 20% in swing speed.” How Does It Work? Traditionally, a donut weight...

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Trouble Hitting the change?

Don’t worry we have you covered, here at Lumberjack Sports we have many world class athletes with great insight into some of the best drills out there. Once in a while our athletes will have a breakthrough and create an amazing drill, just like this amazing Change up drill created by Jeff Ellsworth.  In this short video Jeff explains whats involved in the drill to really engrain staying back and hitting the ever elusive change up, while Nick Shailes shows how being ready to hit the self tossed ball every time opens up a unique window where we can insert another partner tossed ball to simulate the change up. Let’s break it down from the Hitters and partners perspectives.HITTERS:-1. The hitter...

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